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LoanMe Loyalty Program – Enjoy Discounts on Your Loans

LoanMe now offers customers its very own LoanMe Loyalty Program! By offering this loyalty program, we want to make it easier than ever before for our valued customers to acquire a loan. Read more to find out more details on how you can qualify for LoanMe’s Loyalty program and also how you can enjoy discounts every time you apply for a loan.

The LoanMe Loyalty Program – How It Works

LoanMe’s Loyalty Program is offered to existing customers who have successfully completed repaying a loan and now wish to obtain another loan. The only requirement criteria that customers need to fulfil in order for them to be eligible, is for them to have paid their previous monthly loan payment dues on time. If eligible, customers are offered discounts of up to 30% on loan repayment interest for future loans.

If you are an existing customer who meets the eligibility criteria above, simply visit the following link, enter your mobile phone number and sign in to receive your loan discount: https://loanme.lk/login

The LoanMe Loyalty Program offers the following discounts on repeat loans:

  • 2nd Loan Repaid Successfully: 5% Discount
  • 3rd Loan Repaid Successfully: 10% Discount
  • 4th Loan Repaid Successfully: 15% Discount
  • 5th Loan Repaid Successfully: 20% Discount
  • 6th Loan Repaid Successfully: 30% Discount

The more loans that you’ve successfully repaid, the higher the discount!

Other Benefits of Obtaining Repeat Loans

No Waiting Time

Applying for a repeat loan means you get access to your funds immediately – in under 5 minutes! This lets you save valuable time – which is great for any emergency situations that you might face, where you require funds as soon as possible.

No Documentation

You do not have to deal with the hassle of preparing any documentation at all when applying for a repeat loan – which makes the loan application process much more convenient and also helps to save time.

It is only when applying your first loan that you need to submit images of your National ID card (both the front-side and back-side), a selfie of yourself holding your NIC or the font-side of your driving license. This is not required for repeat loans.

No Verification

As an existing LoanMe customer, you do not need to undergo a verification process when you apply for a repeat loan. This makes the process of loan application much simpler and faster, allowing you to access funds within minutes.

Easy Repayment

A number of repayment options are available to help you pay back your loan with ease, at your convenience. Customers can choose to make loan repayments via online card payments and bank transfers that can be done no matter where you are, or even at Cargills Food City supermarkets, Commercial Bank CDM machines and Pay & Go kiosks – where no commission is charged.

Still have questions? Not a problem, our customer care agents are always at hand to help you out. Simply call us on 0117877555 during our working hours or send an email to [email protected] and we will reach out to you!

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