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Why is the first step always the hardest

The first step is always the hardest to complete because when you start something everything is blank. You have to start from zero. The days will continue to pass you by and you’ll stay frozen in fear unless you take the first step.  It takes guts, determination, and confidence to make that move, and most people don’t have the right stuff.

Ultimately, you have to decide how much longer you’re willing to stand at the starting line of a new adventure. It helps if you keep asking yourself, how much do I want this? All you have to do is push through that first awful step. And then just keep taking steps forward. The good news is, once you have taken that first step and build up your confidence, the second and third steps become so much easier.

How to overcome the hardest part

  • Have a Destination

A destination is a concrete goal that you will do whatever it takes to get there and nothing will stop you. That’s where you need to be. When planning something, you’ll need a starting point, a route and an end goal. Keep one goal and make a decision that you will never stop till you achieve what you want.

  • Less weight

Less weight is easier on your mind and your body. Stop doing things that perpetuate and exacerbate our stress levels and focus on what we can do to help ourselves feel more relaxed. When we are too busy, even if the schedule is filled with exciting things, we can feel more stressed.

It’s good to be prepared without been stressed.

  • Get motivated by famous people who failed in the beginning


Just imagine if these people feared failure. They would never achieve or succeed in their life. But the Never give-up attitude helped them. They trusted their abilities. They remained positive throughout their Failure Journey. So never feel down by the fear of Failure but feel motivated about the fact that you will try even more harder this time and you will succeed for sure.

–> Failure … Success … Winner … Loser … Victory … Defeat!!!

The road to success is not always the easiest way.You can feel Happiness only & only if you

have gone through sorrows & pain. Success is just a small moment. Failure is the complete process of that small moment.


The best time to start something new isn’t tomorrow, on a Monday, on the

 first day of a month, or on New Year’s Day, but right now. So, get that idea out of your head that you need a special time to start and just do it right at this moment. Only the way of thinking can change the attitude that makes you feel that the first step is hard. Change your attitude, do not wait, time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, Time and age are just numbers!

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