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10 Reasons Why Anyone Should Join LoanMe

As one of the country’s first and most innovative FinTech platforms, LoanMe was launched with the aim to help Sri Lankans who were seeking funding – by connecting them to loan originators via an online platform. Having begun operations in August last year, following the initial waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, LoanMe has expanded and grown over time – having served over 90,000 satisfied customers with over 150,000 issued loans up to date. We comprise a dedicated team of professionals who are backed by extensive experience in the FinTech industry, employed in a number of different fields – ranging from finance to marketing to customer service to operations – working together to offer customers the most convenient and hassle-free digital lending experience.

Pursuing a Career in the FinTech Industry

If you have been thinking about working in the FinTech industry, there are many reasons as to why this is a good idea. The world of FinTech is regarded as a pretty great field of work as it helps you grow your skill sets in numerous ways, whilst establishing a sustainable career. This article takes a look at why you should pursue a career in the FinTech industry and why being a part of the LoanMe team could be the ideal choice for you.

The FinTech industry is a lot bigger than you may initially consider it to be, as it comprises a wide range of sectors in terms of technology usage for financial services for businesses and consumers. What you need to keep in mind is that FinTech is the future. Acquiring a job in the field of FinTech offers great career progression, whilst offering a great deal of responsibility early on in your career. Be prepared to embrace innovation at all times, being surrounded by a group of hardworking and dedicated professionals who share a passion to disrupt the traditional finance industry.

Why Should You Work for LoanMe?

If you’ve decided that a career in the FinTech industry is the right fit for you, working for LoanMe could be a great choice due to numerous reasons. In addition to opening up a wealth of opportunities for you, a career at LoanMe is sure to be a rewarding one filled with terrific benefits. Here’s a closer look at why you should work at LoanMe:

International Company

We are an international company, backed by a wealth of expertise in the global arena. Being employed in a global company provides you an increased level of exposure to numerous aspects of global businesses, offering you greater opportunities for growth and job movement within the company. We also recognise the importance of investing in our employees’ career development via continuous training and education, as we strive to help you build a career within your field of expertise.

Modern Day Finance

Working in the FinTech industry is bound to expose you to the latest technology. As such, a career at LoanMe offers you a great deal of experience with modern day finance – integrated with technology to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. This can provide a great learning curve and provide you a better outlook on the emerging future trends in financial technology – which holds numerous future benefits.

Opportunities Within the Company

As a fresh but influential entry into Sri Lanka’s modern financing industry, LoanMe provides a great opportunity for those interested in the FinTech industry to gain experience and develop the required skill set to excel in the field.

Strict Adherence to Law & Regulations

We understand that abiding by legal, regulatory and compliance requirements provide companies the flexibility to compete and grow effectively. From local labour law to financial & administration regulations, we ensure that we meet every set of legal requirements and professional ethics as set by local and international statutory bodies.

Performance-Based Reward Mechanism

We want to see our employees unlock their true potential and become the best versions of themselves, which is why we implement an effective reward-based compensation system – to help motivate them to reach their goals faster. We want to make our employees realise that their work is appreciated and also increase overall job satisfaction by providing more fulfilling and meaningful work.

Employee Inclusion

We want our employees to know that they are highly valued and that their opinions and suggestions are taken seriously. As such, obtaining employee insight is an integral part of our process development – which encourages innovation and efficiency, whilst helping employees feel heard and valued.

Adapting to the Pandemic & Making Proactive Decisions

The pandemic was a period of great uncertainty and like most businesses, we had to be extremely proactive and take a carefully planned, strategic approach in order to keep up with the ever-changing situation. To this end, we believe we have adapted well and successfully maneuvered our way around the constant challenges and struggles that emerged daily.

Continuous Service to Clients Since Inception

Our happy customers and clients are the true testament to our success and also the dedication and hard work that we have put in over the years. We are proud to have served over 90,000 satisfied customers with over 150,000 issued loans – including a large percentage of repeat clients who are part of our loyal customer base.

Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

We believe in fostering a good work-life balance amongst our employees, in order to support whole-heartedly; help them pursue their passions, help them grow and ultimately enjoy a long term career with us. We make our employees our priority at all times and do whatever we can to help them thrive.

Responsibility During the Pandemic

With the understanding that the pandemic was a difficult period of time for most of us, we believed that it was our responsibility to provide relief to our customers in order to support them during a period of immense hardship. Despite the pandemic, we continued to extend our services to customers who were in dire need of loans and funding. Additionally, we offered extension discounts to further support customers – as this provided borrowers (both salaried and self-employed) who were facing difficulty repaying their loans the option to extend their repayment period with 50% off on extensions. This was done with the intention of helping customers regain their financial foothold and achieve better financial clarity despite the uncertainty of the pandemic situation. Concessions were yet another form of financial relief that we offered to customers during the pandemic. We offered waive-offs on penalty charges and discounts on interest rates once lockdown was lifted – to assist customers make their due repayments on time.

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